We are..

a group of high-end roofing companies made of elite craft masters with a shared vision of strategic growth, business resilience, and long-term success.

We seek…

to develop relationships with established roofing companies looking to unlock the next phase of growth.

We can pass for a modern roofers’ guild. But we also combine modern techniques with our practices while still staying true to tradition.

This shared vision, as well as our understanding of capabilities, helps us create environments and values that drive growth.



Heritage preservation and knowledge management.

Leveraging cutting-edge tech for quality results.

Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment.

Fostering teamwork and a sense of belonging.

Honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Good old fashioned hard work.


Our MISSION is to create a leading group of Elite MASTER ROOFERS in the United States.

We seek to foster a culture and tradition of excellence while actively promoting and enhancing the adoption of modern technology and best business practices.

We aim to become an authority in our industry, by leveraging our shared values of cooperation, competency, competitiveness, and the sheer power of our community.

This way, our members can deliver high-quality services at all times.

Not only that, but our partner-members also get to display high-level competency and unique craftsmanship with a bit of savoir-faire, and most importantly, ensure long-term business growth and continuity.


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