10 benefits of joining Saint-Vincent

Partnering with us offers great values, numerous benefits, and previous business plan practices.

If you’re wondering why you should want to join us, it’s because we understand your business, its environment, and the unique challenges it poses for you.

Join us!

1 – Reboot your company & boost your career

Unlock the next phase of growth

Improvements begin the moment you join Saint-Vincent.

Our expertise, as well as the contributions of other members, will help strengthen your weakness, bolster your self-confidence, gain a new perspective, and set up your business for both short and long-term success.

2 – Management expertise

Leverage our managerial expertise for improved efficiency

Thierry has served in different capacities and positions in the roofing industry. As the owner of a roofing company, he helped multiply business profit and value by 20.

As a member of Saint-Vincent, you can count on your access to this level of management expertise to help benefit your business.

3 – Exit strategy

Saint-Vincent helps you manage a smooth transition leading to your exit. We formulate a solution together tailored to your specific situation. From partnerships to complete takeover, everything is open to discussion. 

4 – Targeted marketing playbook

Leads generation and sales conversion that work

Our approach focuses on both acquisition and retention. With our team and expertise, the possibilities for your business will be significantly improved.

Tap into our expertise and experience to help your business crush local marketing and lead generation on your budget to guarantee the best possible ROI.

5 – Improved sales and revenues

While salesforce management could be challenging and overwhelming for your small roofing business, we have perfected a strategy that leverages technology, prospecting, customer satisfaction, and a variety of other strategies to help boost your business sales and revenue.

The bottom line is almost always the most important.

6 – Vendor access for better pricing

By leveraging the power of our community, it becomes much easier to negotiate with vendors and suppliers for better prices and terms for members.

The more money you get to keep, the more profit you get to make. And perhaps, you may even start getting more attention from your local vendor.

There’s power in numbers.

7 – Continuing education

Employees have to be on top of the latest trends and technology. This consumes time and money. We may be able to share this burden, and get more from available resources. These benefits are limitless, from grants to manufacturers, roofing associations, etc.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement

8 – Human resources and owner benefits

It takes a lot to attract the right talents, retain your best employees, and build a formidable team.

Your employees have to feel like they are in the best place. Retirement plans, dental, vision, and other benefits are few of the effective strategies that work in this modern day. You won’t have to worry about a thing as we’ll help you perfect a plan that will suit your business and its workers.


9 – Family and a sense of belonging

We share the same values, have a passion for this job, and share similar goals.

We help fulfill one of humanity’s two greatest needs for food and shelter. Perhaps we deserve some respect, only that we’ve never gotten the recognition we deserve. Funny how even a car salesman gets more respect than a roofer. What can you do without a roof on your head?

Every profession deserves respect and we’ve never been accorded what we’re due. Perhaps our power as a community can help change that narrative. Saint-Vincent wants to help roofers get seen as the authority they are. We want this profession to attract respect and admiration.

We are always stronger together.


10 – Networking and peer consulting

Our community of members, as well as the team, will be continuously engaged in knowledge sharing and problem-solving discussions.

This helps foster networking and peer consulting which will be key to success and long-term growth. We all get to strengthen our weaknesses together and there is a community to always fall back on for support when necessary.

We’re all able to give and receive and will, therefore, be better positioned to deal with current and future challenges.

One for all, all for one!