Challenges of the modern roofer

Finding high-value contracts, labor costs and shortage of manpower, and the challenge of keeping up with an ever-evolving industry are just a few of the many challenges roofers have to surmount.

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Challenge 1
Market Concentration

If the data from the NRCA is anything to go by, the current roofing industry is structured in a way that 80% of total industry sales and revenue goes to the top 20% of roofing businesses.

Historical and local roofing businesses are losing bids and sales to these newcomers with deep pockets leaving local roofers virtually incapable of anything. Experts predict this will be even more challenging in the next decade.

Challenge 2
Skilled Labor

The general job market is tight but it’s even more challenging to keep good employees in this industry with an acute shortage of manpower. High-end roofers need skilled labor which apart from being difficult to find is also very expensive to train and retrain.

Challenge 3
An evolving industry

The roofing industry is dynamic to an extent and for most businesses, it could be very challenging to stay updated with the latest market trends and newest technologies.

From CRM to drone surveying, digital marketing, social media, Search engine optimization, project management application, customer portal and communications, there are just too many things to be involved with that most roofing establishments tend to get left behind.

Challenge 4
Exit strategy

Perhaps you’ve been running your business all along and you’re wondering what happens now that old age is drawing near? Maybe family members aren’t as passionate and interested in this business as you’d expect.

How do you preserve your heritage or maintain business continuity in circumstances like this without a partner who understands the ins and outs of your business?

While intense daily involvement in your roofing business operations can easily mask the big picture, any or all of these challenges can stifle business growth.

  • You have to be able to adapt to evolving changes
  • You need to be able to navigate market challenges successfully
  • You need practical strategies and proactive plans in place to improve your bottom line and ensure business growth and continuity at any point.