Thierry Devove


Thierry was trained in the land of the “Les compagnons du Devoir”, an elite European organization of craftsmen and artisans with a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. He boasts a Master’s degree in Business Development alongside a robust experience in roofing and business that spans over three decades.

Thierry has spent his time in the industry overseeing highly-demanding projects while also building a wide network of connections within the industry. He’s passionate about growth, tradition, and leveraging new trends and technologies to get better results.

Thierry is the mastermind founder of Saint-Vincent..

Thierry embodies the then and now

Gabrielle Devove

Partnership Liaison & Marketing

Gabrielle supports each partner with strategic planning, vendor negotations, hiring, marketingand all legal applications and cases. Gabrielle had quite a lot of experience in diverse areas of business functions in various industries (Luxury, Technology, Hospitality) and she brings with her a valuable global understanding of business and marketing as well as lead generationacquisition, and conversion.

Her expertise spans diverse fields of both traditional and digital marketing, from social media to website platforms, TV ads, email marketing, benchmarking, and more.

She built marketing plans adapted to our size and needs and helps our partners replicate the same success.

Gabrielle is our Partner Liaison and Head of Marketing.

Eva Eddy

Operations Specialist

Eva has under her belt over a decade of experience in the roofing industry focused on the core administrative tasks of organizing procedures as well as coordinating staff and monitoring daily operations.

Her extensive knowledge of the roofing industry, as well as her grasp of both the big picture and micromanagement, has brought much value to Saint-Vincent.

She’s a great problem solver who’s always leveraging her resourcefulness to help others find innovative solutions.

Eva is an organizer par excellence.

Ben Borie

Informations Systems

Ben is a senior development consultant with a wealth of experience and expertise in the roofing industry that spans over a decade.

His input in the early days of Saint-Vincent, alongside Thierry, was critical to meeting our evolving technological needs to properly support growth.

Ben is our expert Information Systems pro.

Ganem Global

Legal & Compliance

Saint-Vincent is a client of Ganem Global an international corporation and global leader in audit, tax, and consulting services.

Ganem provides financial advisory services and helps organizations manage major transitions and accounting issues.

Ganem Global masters accounting complexities.